The Steinway Grand Piano Action

The Accelerated Action®
  • Illustration
A Cross-Cut illustration of the Steinway Grand Piano Action
Illustration: William Braid White, Piano Tuning and Allied Arts

Incredibly sensitive and responsive to the human body, Steinway's Accelerated Action® is patented for good reason, since more than a century of motivated research and subsequent development has produced probably the most advanced piano action in the world.

The superior technology is ontically rendered using the highest quality materials. Parts are constructed from white, quarter-sawn Maple and Hornbeam with pure wool bushings. The result is an exceptional piece of machinery. Players and tuners alike love the Steinway grand piano action.

The Steinway & Songs web site describes in some detail what it is that makes a Steinway grand piano action superior, including "hard maple dowels" and "inflexible seamless brass tubing." The site makes further reference to the exclusive Steinway technology that gives the Steinway Grand its superb "touch response."

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