The Steinway Grand Piano Model B

Is it for the Stage or for the Grand Music Room?

Close to seven feet long and almost five feet wide, the Model B is still two feet shorter than the Steinway Model D. Nevertheless, the Model B certainly commands a powerful presence on almost any stage. This piano will fit into a very spacious living room, too, but size is something to consider. If the walls are too close, the piano won't be able to project and resonate like it would in a larger space, and your guests might find forte and fortissimo somewhat intimidating.

All that said, many pianists love the Steinway Model B so much that it's not uncommon to find one crammed into a tiny Boston, Philadelphia, or New York City apartment. Still, the piano was designed more for recital venues and recording studios rather than homes or the full sized concert hall (although you will find many model Ds pushing the boundaries of smaller sound stages, too).

Built to last, but also built to accommodate restoration after a generation or two, a properly maintained or professional rebuilt Steinway B will have a noticeably clear tone. The perfectly balanced action will respond to your touch instantaneously as if the piano is a continuous extension of your body. Pianissimo passages in the scores you play will be accomplished easily and gracefully. You will not have to fight this piano for the sound you desire. The dynamics will astound you.

New York Steinway Production Models

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