The Details of Steinway Piano Restoration & Repair

Piano Wrapping

For various reasons, pianos sometimes need to be moved from building to building, and even from state to state. Older pianos in need of extensive repairs are often shipped to shops in distant locations for professional attention to the details demanded for their complete restoration. At times like these, the piano's cabinet can be completely refinished, restoring the piano's exterior surface to its original condition, highlighting its beauty and luxurious style and grace. This refinishing process, if done properly, can take as many as 20 or more coats of lacquer with fine sandings in-between, a procedure that returns the piano to its original color and sheen.

After the cabinet's refinishing is complete, the piano is then wrapped for protection while being shipped back to its home, sometimes in thick, quilted blankets made especially for moving pianos, or sometimes, as seen in the photo above, in special high density microfiber. By the time the piano is ready for shipping, it will be completely covered and taped to prevent scratches while in transport. Sometimes, too, if the piano is being shipped to a wet climate, an outer layer of waterproof plastic wrap will keep the blankets from gathering moisture.