Woods Used in Steinway Grand Piano Production

White Quarter-sewn Maple

Steinway uses white, quarter-sewn Maple for action parts on certain piano models from both continents. Models in New York are the D, B, L, M and S, and in Hamburg, the D-274, B-211, M-170, and S-155.

Maple and Hornbeam are the high standard hardwoods for making piano action parts and Steinway uses both types of wood for their grand piano actions.  Specialists choose the most superior wood by subjecting each piece to grading standards that help pinpoint seasoning marks, growth marks, grain direction and density, overall hardness, flexibility and strength.

One of the reasons good hardwood is so important when making action parts is that superior woods, such as Hornbeam, resist warping where warping would interfere with proper hammer and string alignment, plus the wood is exceptionally strong, yet flexible, a wood with the desired attributes for building superior grand piano actions.

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