The Steinway & Sons New York Factory

The Spray Booth with Oil Bath Air Filter

The Spray Booth with and Oil Bath FilterLinseed oil applied to the wood before the lacquer fills the pores thereby producing a surface for applying the lacquer. By keeping the lacquer away from the wood pores will allow for a smoother surface once the lacquer dries.

Each grand piano cabinet takes several gallons of lacquer spray.

According to James Barron, the lacquer formulas for New York and Hamburg pianos are kept separate. For the discerning eye, one can tell where a grand piano came from simply by inspecting the lacquer finish. "The lacquer on Hamburg pianos gives them a shinier finish," and Hamburg pianos have natural wood touches to the inside of the lid whereas for New York pianos, "wood under the lid of the piano will be the same color as the wood on the outside" (Barron, 66).