The Steinway Grand Piano Model O

The Baby Grand of Baby Grands

Steinway stopped production of the Model O in 1924, replacing it with the Model L (the L is 1/4" shorter and 1/4" wider). The Model O remained out of production for more than 80 years until it was brought back into production by Steinway & Sons in 2006. The early models are historical pianos for several reasons and are highly desirable and deserving of restoration and repair. There is no reason to retire a Steinway Model O.

Henry Ziegler (1857 - 1930) designed the Model O along with the Model M and the Model L. The 2006 production model looks like the original Model O "but with all of the modern technical innovations that have followed: Accelerated Action (1931), Diaphragmatic soundboard (1936), Hexagrip Wrestplank (1963), Permafree II Action Bushings (1983), and NY Improved Action (1992) to name a few."

The Model O grand piano was marketed as a "miniature grand" and is the first Steinway grand to exhibit the squared-bottom legs that are now a standard identifying feature of all Steinway grands. Made in both New York and Germany, the Steinway O officially replaced the Model L grand beginning in 2006.

New York Steinway Production Models

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