Maintaining Your Steinway Grand Piano

Negative Acts -- Don'ts That We Should Not Do

Don'tThe Don'ts are sometimes easier to remember than the Dos. They often imply one another.

  • Don't put your piano next to an open window or any other source for a draft, whether hot, cold, moist or dry.
  • Don't put a vase of flowers on your piano.
  • Don't place food or a tray of food on your piano.
  • Don't place a pitcher of iced beverages or other open containers of liquid on your piano, like coffee or some spirited chocolate drink.
  • Don't place a cocktail on your piano keyboard or piano top.
  • Don't hang a cigarette off the edge of your piano key or top or arm.
  • Don't allow your cat (or dog or bird or reptile or baby) to sit or walk on your piano, Including the keyboard.
  • Don't place the piano next to a fireplace or space heater.
  • Don't place an ashtray or hookah on your piano.
  • Don't place live plants on, near or over the piano.
  • Don't abandon your piano in a room that no one ever uses.
  • Don't attempt to move your piano further than a few feet within the same room.
  • Don't attempt to tune or repair your own piano unless you've been schooled in the art of piano technology.
  • Don't guess your piano's value or worth; have it appraised by a professional.
  • Don't use just any furniture polish on the cabinet's finish. Consult a professional.

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