Maintaining Your Steinway Grand Piano

Every Steinway Deserves Its Own Room

Many people dream of having a music room in their home. Even if there's no single room on hand to dedicate to a single instrument, it's good to think of the room where your piano resides as its room. Where the piano is -- that is the piano room.

This tactic allows the imagination to investigate possibilities: Since we know that every Steinway piano probably deserves its own room, we need to ask: what characteristics should the piano room have? Would it only have a piano? Would it have windows? A fireplace? A fountain? House plants? Soundproofing?

Just what would the room be like if it is to be a music room, a place for a musical instrument. Imagine a piano, a guitar, a violin, a clarinet, or any wooden instrument. Imagine what might make the room protective of the instrument, but also a room that best promotes the quality of sound the instrument is apt to produce.

Perhaps an operative word is 'wood.'  How do we protect the wood?

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