Maintaining Your Steinway Grand Piano

The Piano Wants Company

Furniture and rugs in your Steinway piano room will help provide a warm, inviting feel to the room. The piano should not be hiding, but should call people into the room. Comfortable couches and chairs will give visitors to the room a comfortable reason for staying and enjoying the music. Cocktail tables are a must of libations are to be served. The more cocktail tables the less likely someone might place their drink down on the piano.

The light should feel natural, not be too light nor too darkly lit. Armed lamps with small opaque lampshades can cast nice shadows, bringing out interesting textures. Visuals are nice, but its good to keep them to a minimum so as not to collect dust. A dust free room will be better for the piano, and a room where no direct sunlight falls on the piano or its bench will help preserve the cabinet both from fading and from warping.

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