Why Do People Love Steinway Pianos?

Technicians & Artists Will Tell You

"Steinway is indisputably the benchmark by which all other pianos are measured," says Michael Sweeney, a piano craftsman for over 30 years. "I love working on Steinway grand and baby grand pianos because there is a consistency of quality I've found in every Steinway piano I've ever worked on, and this is true even after the abuse of time and customer neglect."

Sweeney goes on to say that, in his 30 plus years of bringing older grand pianos back to life through repair and restoration, he estimates that over 95 percent of the artists he has had as clients, as well as the technicians he has employed, prefer Steinway over all other piano brandnames. "If they don't own a Steinway," says Sweeney, "chances are they dream of having one someday."

"What makes repairing or rebuilding a Steinway so enjoyable is that the company has brought all the very best design features and technological advances together into a single machine. Such quality actually gives the instrument character, personality. Steinway pianos are truly works of art."

Smoke Damage

Fire and Smoke damaged Steinway Grand

Wildfires seem to be always in the news these days. If your piano is damaged by fire or smoke, can anything be done to save it?

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Refinishing & Rebuilding / Bring your Steinway back to life.


Sweeney Piano is a family owned piano repair and refinishing business in operation for over 40 years. The service includes pickup and delivery in the lower 48.

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Can You Name It? / Parts of a Steinway Piano

  • What are pieces of brass with small holes to allow the strings to pass through acting as the front termination point of the speaking part of the string?
  • What is the part of the piano action that catches the hammer in order to stop its movement after the hammer has hit the string?
  • What is the front termination point of the treble strings that is either cast into the iron plate or is attached?
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  • What is the wooden cover for the keyboard that folds down and covers the keys when the piano is not being used?
  • What are the sounds produced by a single string that are consonant to the fundamental sound which have structure and can be used in aural tuning?
  • What is the high-pitched sound that a string produces which is not part of its fundamental tone?
  • What is the name applied to the earliest forms of the piano when it was making its transition from the harpsichord?