Piano Entropy

Sometimes bad things just happen to good pianos.
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Sometimes things happen to pianos that are beyond the owner's control. Things like moisture and smoke damage are sure-fire reasons for rapid decay in even the finest piano. Sometimes bad things just happen to good pianos.

Steinway grand pianos are designed and built to span several generations, but there are times when even bad things happen to Steinways.

Entropy is a good thing, so the scientists and ecologists tell us. Without entropy nothing new would emerge. It's difficult to tell that to the owner of a delicately tuned piano! In the music room, we piano lovers can do without the decadant forces of nature. We know such forces inhabit every room, no matter what went into building its protective shell. Alas, it's true, even the finest pianos in the finest halls and most dust-free sound rooms, still need constant care, constant diligence.

The goal is to keep the piano in an even and more or less constant state of being. If you are lucky enough to own a Steinway grand piano, you will probably say that keeping your piano in tip top shape -- for the pleasure of playing your Steinway grand -- is not a joy, it's a passion somewhere in the realm of the sublime.