The Steinway & Sons New York Factory

Preparing the Soundboard: Ribs and Bridges

Preparing the SoundboardThese tables allow the soundboard with bridges attached to be set horizonally for productive work on the back of the soundboard.

Tension across the soundboard will be immense. "To oppose to this load an elastic pressure is the task of the bars, considered as girders, and every assistance which can be given to enable them to bear it, without destruction to their elasticity, should be granted" (Wolfenden, 96).

On a per ton basis, the tension will be multiplied by the number of strings attached to the pin block. "The whole structure thus becomes a highly elastic spring." The exact number of girder bars needed for a perfectly controlled suspension of motion will have a mathematical forumula for guiding production. Since the bars are "burden-bearers," they follow an architechtureal logic (Wolfenden, 97).