The Steinway & Sons New York Factory

The Bass and Treble Bridges

Bridges in StorageSteinway grand and baby grand pianos have two bridges attached to the soundboard. One is for bridging the treble strings and the other is for bridging the bass strings. The base bridge is shorter and sits taller on the soundboard so as to allow free passage over the treble strings and bridge.

The left photo shows bridges in storage at the Steinway factory. Once the bridges have been secured to the soundboard, they are precisely notched by hand using a tool especially designed for this purpose.

Graphite is applied, then strong steel pins are inserted into the bridges at precise points along the edges in order to hold the strings in a perfectly controlled position.

Steinway's bridge design allows a smooth continuity between base and treble bridges. Each bridge is secured to the soundboard by glue, dowels and screws for a fit that resists movement and splitting.

Steinway bridges are tested against the highest quality standards in the industry. This has been the case for most of Steinway's production history. For grand piano restoration professionals, genuine Steinway parts are considered top of the line.